Prest Releases

2021-Oct-23: Prest 1.0.4 for Windows (latest version)
2021-Oct-23: Prest 1.0.4 for macOS (latest version)
Main release notes: Fix codec for model estimation results to allow for saving as .pwf workspace file.
Main release notes: Introduce “Swaps” index and “Disregard deferrals” options in model estimation. Switch from Travis to Github Actions for Windows and macOS binaries.
Main release notes: Fix export of “.xlsx” files.
Main release notes: Reject datasets with empty alternative names. Do not penalise deferrals at singleton menus in the “Partially Dominant Choice (non-forced)” model.
Main release notes: Add “Data integrity” check. Various website updates. Make both Windows and macOS binaries with Travis.
Main release notes: First release after JOSS publication in October 2018.

More details are available here.